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Antique paperweights for sale

There is no precise definition of 'antique' in respect of paperweights, but most collectors would consider pieces made 100 years ago as antique, and many would reduce the age to 50 years. The paperweights listed in these sections are all made before 1950 - many well, before in the 'classic' period of paperweight production from 1845 to 1860.

There are separate pages dealing with paperweights from the main French factories - Baccarat, Clichy and Saint-Louis; with Old English paperweights; with antique American paperweights; and with Other countries such as Bohemia, Germany and Belgium.

Baccarat Clichy Saint-Louis English American Other countries
Antique Baccarat paperweight
Clichy paperweight
Antique Saint-Louis paperweight
Old English paperweight
Antique American paperweight
American (NEGC)
Val St Lambert paperweight