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English paperweights for sale

'Old English' paperweights were made between 1845 and 1950 by several factories in the Birmingham and Stourbridge areas, including Richardson, Walsh Walsh, Arculus, Bacchus and Islington. There is no evidence that millefiori paperweights were made elsewhere in the UK in the 19th century, although there are several groups of Old English paperweights whose makers are as yet unknown.

There are no 'antique Whitefriars' paperweights: that is a mid 20th century error in attribution of Walsh Walsh and Arculus pieces containing '1848' date canes: these were actually made in the 1920s - 1930s. Most Whitefriars paperweights were made between 1950 and 1980.

On this page are a selection of Old English and Whitefriars paperweights.

Old English
Old English millefiori bottle paperweight (ref. 7287)
ref. 7287
Rare set
Very good condition
Whitefriars Xmas 1979
Whitefriars Partidge 1979 paperweight(ref. 7118)
ref. 7118
Xmas 1979
Very good condition
Whitefriars Xmas 1980
Whitefriars Bell 1980 paperweight(ref. 71678)
ref. 7167
Xmas 1980
Very good condition
Whitefriars PG101
Whitefriars garlands paperweight (ref.7239)
ref. 7239
Very good condition
Whitefriars 1976
Whitefriars millefiori paperweight (ref. 6229)
ref. 6805
PG101 design
Very good condition
Whitefriars Xmas 1979
Whitefriars Xmas 1979 paperweight (ref. 7168)
ref. 7168
Xmas 1979 Partridge
Very good condition