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The Paperweight People

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Scottish paperweights for sale - Paul Ysart, Ysart Bros, Vasart, Strathearn, Selkirk etc

Salvador Ysart, who came from a family of Spanish glass workers, left Spain with his wife and 3 sons for France in the early 1900s. A fourth son was born in France. He left France soon after the First World War began, moving to the Leith Flint Glass Company in Edinburgh. In 1921 Salvador and his son Paul moved to Moncrieff's in Perth. Paul stayed there until 1961, when he moved to Caithness Glass as Training Officer, whereas Salvador and his sons Augustine and Vincent left in 1947 to set up Ysart Brothers Glass, trading as Vasart.

In 1964 Vasart moved to new, larger premises and changed their name to Strathearn Glass. Paul continued as Training Officer at Caithness Glass until he retired in 1972, training William Manson and Peter Holmes amongst others. He then set up Harland Glass at Wick, working with William Manson (where he used an H signature cane). In 1975 Harland Glass closed, and re-emerged as Paul Ysart Glass, with David Hurry as his apprentice. Peter Holmes founded Selkirk Glass, later moving to found Scottish Borders Art Glass.

On this page are a selection of Ysart, Vasart, Strathearn and Selkirk paperweights.

Selkirk Glass
Selkirk LE Crown 2000 paperweight (ref. 6360)
ref. 6360
LE 2000 Crown
3 inch / 77 mm diameter
Very good condition
Strathearn Glass
Strathearn magnum paperweight (ref. 4483)
ref. 4483
rare magnum
3 7/8 inch / 98 mm dia.
Very good condition
Ysart Bros
Ysart Bros spoke (ref. 3606)
ref. 3606
Spoke design
3 inch /77 mm dia.
Very good condition