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Scottish paperweights for sale - John Deacons, William Manson, J Glass etc

John Deacons worked at Perthshire Paperweights before setting up J Glass, whose paperweights were sold under the St Kilda and St Andrews labels, as well as J Glass and John Deacons marks. William Manson produced Scotia paperweights around 1980-81 as well as ones under his own name. When Perthshire Paperweights closed, a few of the workers continued to make some paperweights at William Manson's studio, under the name Phoenix Paperweights.

On this page are a selection of John Deacons and William Manson paperweights.

John Deacons bottle
£75.00 SOLD
John Deacons paperweight bottle (ref. 7322)
ref. 7322
Scrambled cane
3 1/8 inch / 80 mm diameter
Very good condition
John Deacons
£130.00 SOLD
John Deacons 2002 paperweight (ref. 23048A)
ref. 23048A
Rabbits on muslin
3 1/16 inch / 78 mm dia.
Very good condition.
John Deacons
£50.00 SOLD
John Deacons nosegayi paperweight (ref. 7321)
ref. 7321
2 1/2 inch / 63 mm dia.
Very good condition
William Manson
£120.00 SOLD
William Manson LE 1980 Candles paperweight (ref. 6567)
ref. 6567
Christmas Candles
2 13/16 inch / 72 mm dia.
Very good condition
William Manson
£170.00 SOLD
William Manson Lily 1984 1 of 1 paperweight (ref. 4832)
ref. 4832
Lily 1 of 1
3 inch / 76 mm
Very good condition