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Modern French paperweights for sale

Modern French paperweights refers to those made since 1950 through to the present day. The two main manufacturers during this period have been Baccarat and Saint-Louis.

On this page are a selection of Baccarat and Saint-Louis paperweights.

Baccarat 1991
Baccarat 1991 Impatiens paperweight (ref. 6353)
ref. 6353
LE Impatiens
Very good condition.
Baccarat 1977
Baccarat LE 1977 Jubilee paperweight (ref. 5682)
ref. 5682
Silver Jubilee
Very good condition
Saint-Louis 1985
Saint Louis LE1984 Millefiori paperweight (ref. 6809)
ref. 6809
LE Millefiori
Very good condition
Baccarat LE 1977
£380.00 SOLD
Baccarat 1977 millefiori zodiac paperweight (ref. 7344)
ref. 7344
Very good condition
Baccarat 1960s
£120.00 SOLD
Baccarat millefiori paperweight (ref. 22420)
ref. 22420
Very good condition
Saint-Louis 1972
£395.00 SOLD
Saint Louis Pink Carpet Ground 1972 paperweight (ref. 5827)
ref. 5827
LE Carpet Ground
Very good condition
£120.00 SOLD
Saint Louis pin dish paperweight (ref. 7316)
ref. 7316
Pin Dish
Very good condition