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Caithness Glass paperweights for sale

Caithness Glass have made over 3 million paperweights and over 2000 different designs during the past 40 years. These have included simple, low cost pieces such as the 'Pebble' and 'Mooncrystal' designs, but also beautiful lampwork designs by Allan Scott and Willie Manson amongst others, as well as original abstract pieces. In 1981 Caithness bought the Whitefriars name and issued special high quality designs as their 'Caithness Whitefriars' range.

On this page are a selection of Caithness and 'Caithness Whitefriars' paperweights.

Caithness LE
Caithness Crystal Voyager paperweight (ref. 3339)
ref. 3339
Crystal Voyager
Very good condition
Caithness LE
Caithness Fantasy Orchid paperweight (ref.7260)
ref. 7260
Fantasy Orchid
Very good condition
Caithness LE
£160.00 SOLD
Caithness Whitefriars Thatching paperweight (ref. 7722)
ref. 7722
Caithness Whitefriars
Very good condition
Caithness LE
Caithness 2011 paperweight (ref. 7281)
ref. 7281
Caithness LE
Very good condition