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Books about paperweights

Maybe 50 books about paperweights have been written in the last 80 years. The authors reflected the understanding and extent of knowledge at the time of writing: further studies and research over the last 30 years have shown that there are significant errors and omissions in many of these earlier books - and even in some very recent ones! The older books make interesting reading, but they are not always reliable.

Suggested books

There are quite a lot of useful books, so where do you start ? Perhaps with a relatively low cost, general guide such as Miller's -or maybe a book that focuses on a specific maker you like, such as Perthshire Paperweights. There are several good books that look at paperweights from around the world. Here are some that we have found useful.

We only occasionally have books for sale, so you are more likely to find them on a site such as Amazon - click on the book to search for it.

Books on specific topics:

Books that cover the world of paperweights:

Then there are guides to identifying weights by particular features: