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This site exists to help anyone who is interested in glass paperweights to find the information that they are looking for. We also offer free help with identification. This is the main site to which redirects visitors. The website is updated frequently - if the date shown at the bottom of the page is more than a couple of weeks old, please refresh your browser, as you may be viewing a cached image.

Below is a selection of the paperweights that we have for sale - please use the menu at the top for more examples, for galleries of images to help with identification, and for links to other resources including recommended Books and other websites. You can click on images to enlarge them.

Please contact us if you want to buy anything or want more information: there is no 'shopping basket'. We always reply - if you get no response, it is because we did not get your message. We are happy to welcome visitors by appointment - please telephone or email to arrange a time and date.

antique Saint Louis bouquet paperweight (ref. 8039)
Saint-Louis bouquet
Antique Venetia scent bottle (ref. 2340)
Antique Venetian
antique Saint Louis fruit paperweight (ref. 21390)
Antique Saint-Louis
Saint Louis LE 1988 paperweight (ref.8029)
Saint Louis 1988
Antique Baccarat B1848 paperweight (ref. 2132)
Antique Baccarat
Saint Louis LE 1991 paperweight (ref. 8025)
Saint-Louis LE 1991
Saint Louis scramble paperweight (ref. 8035)
Saint-Louis scramble
Antiqque Baccarat Clematis paperweight (ref. 8042)
Baccarat Clematis
antique Saint Louis paperweight (ref. 8038)
Antique Saint-Louis
Antique Saint Louis crown paperweight (ref. 8034)
Antique Saint-Louis
J Glass bouquet paperweight (ref. 7954)
J Glass bouquet
Saint Louis LE 1989 paperweight (ref. 8017)
Saint-Louis LE Butterfly
Saint Louis dahlia paperweight (ref. 24157)
Saint-Louis Dahlia
Saint Louis carpet ground paperweight (ref. 8018)
Saint-Louis LE 1982
Baccarat 1849 paperweight (ref. 24116)
Baccarat 1849
Clichy green ground paperweight (ref. 2338)
Clichy green ground
Antique Baccarat colour ground paperweight (ref. 2336)
Baccarat red ground
Ken Rosenfeld bouquet paperweight (ref. 7994)
Ken Rosenfeld
Perthshire PP34 paperweight (ref. 7971)
Perthshire PP34
Baccarat millefiori paperweight (ref. 23029)
Baccarat B1847
Baccarat B1848 paperweight (ref. 23704)
Baccarat B1848
Baccarat closepack 1846 paperweight (ref. 24410)
Baccarat 1846
Paul Ysart paperweight (ref. 8010)
Paul Ysart
antique Saint Louis paperweight (ref. 24115)
Antique Saint-Louis
Perthshire LE 1979G paperweight (ref. 7975)
Perthshire 1979G
Perthshire LE 1997G snake paperweight (ref. 7975)
Perthshire 1997G Snake
Baccarat 1977 Red Devil paperweight (ref. 7896)
Baccarat 1977
Perthshire LE 1988C Thistle paperweight (ref. 7967)
Perthshire 1988C Thistle
J Glass bouquet paperweight (ref. 7952)
J Glass bouquet
Perthshire 1984G paperweight (ref. 7965)
Perthshire 1984G
Perthshire 1987B Snowdrops paperweight (ref. 7966)
Perthshire Snowdrops
Perthshire crown PP232 paperweight (ref. 7861)
Perthshire Crown
Perthshire PP30 paperweight (ref. 7972)
Perthshire PP30 1977
J Glass pansy paperweight (ref. 7960)
J Glass 1979
Peter McDougall crown paperweight (ref. 7997)
Peter McDougall
William MansonPerthshire 1988D paperweight (ref. 7974)
Perthshire LE Apples
Perthshire PP47 2000 paperweight (ref. 7862)
Perthshire PP47
Perthshire PP34 paperweight (ref. 7970)
Perthshire PP34 1978
Saint Louis millefiori paperweight (ref. 7950)
Saint Louis 1986
£ 260.00
Antique Saint Louis dahlia paperweight (ref. 23768)
Saint-Louis Dahlia
Josephinenhutte paperweight (ref. 23851)
Clichy stave basket paperweight (ref. 158)
Clichy stave basket
Antique Saint Louis paperweight (ref. 24316)
Saint Louis
Perthshire 1980H paperweight (ref. 7980)
Perthshire 1980H
Clichy colour ground paperweight (ref. 23757)
Baccarat LE 1984 paperweight (ref. 23977)
Baccarat 1984
SBAG Marbrie paperweight (ref. 7996)
Peter Holmes Marbrie
Perthshire Xmas 1999 paperweight (ref. 7557)
Perthshire Xmas 1999
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