updated 12 June 2015

Old English Gallery - Other makers

these pieces are not for sale!

OE1 Group

The maker of this group is not known at present. The few known pieces share examples of the same canes amongst them.

Red, white and blue dominate the colours.

Glass: SG 2.87 to 2.93 (8 measurements). This value is in line with Bacchus, but I have not yet seen any canes shared between these and Bacchus paperweights.

OE2 Group

The maker of this group is not known at present. Limited range of cane colours and styles; usually large pieces, 90 mm or more diameter. Bottles often cut down after damage to make rather flat, large paperweights. Stoppers have a single large cane.

Glass: SG 3.00 to 3.06 (10 measurements)

Various unknown makers

These are probably from several unknown factories, but some may be unusual examples from known factories, made at different times from the bulk of their products.

The quality of some of these pieces is as good as the best from any maker.

Various unknown makers

More examples, possibly from the same source as each other.

Queen's Head' pieces

Many paperweight books are wrong about these, as they suggest that the presence of a Queen's Head cane means Bacchus: most are not Bacchus pieces.

- there are several different Queen's Head silhouette canes used by different makers, including Richardson, Bacchus, Islington, and 'unknowns'.

- the Gillinder 'square bun' silhouette is not the one used in Bacchus paperweights (and Gillinder did not work at Bacchus).


OE2 pieces

Neat concentric

Unknown maker

Unknown maker

Old English OE1 paperweight (ref. 0106)

Old English OE2 paperweights etc (ref. OE2)

Old English OE2 paperweight (ref. 1734)

Old English OE2 paperweight (ref. 124)

Old English OE2 paperweight (ref. 1106)


Bottle - typical single cane stopper

Neat concentric

Unknown maker

Richardson bottle base

Old English OE1 paperweight (ref. 0173)

Old English OE2 paperweight bottle (ref. OE2 ink)

Old English OE2 paperweight (ref. 1735)

Old English OE2 paperweight (ref. 4803)

Old English OE2 paperweight (ref. Richardson)


Rare closepack version

Magnum concentric

Unknown maker

Magnum, large canes

Old English OE1 paperweight (ref. 0165)

Old English OE2 paperweight (ref. 0171)

Old English unknown paperweight (ref. 0123)

Old English OE2 paperweight (ref. 138)

Old English unknown paperweight (ref. 1205)

Facetted concentric

Concentric version

Concentric, complex canes

Magnum, large canes

Old English OE1 paperweight (ref. 0125)

Old English OE2 paperweight (ref. 0185)

Old English OE2 paperweight (ref. 167)

Old English unknown paperweight (ref. 1206)

Concentric version

Old English OE2 paperweight (ref. 5575)