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The Paperweight People

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Modern paperweights for sale

These are paperweights made since 1950. There are separate pages (or multiple pages) listing paperweights from several important factories or artists: - Perthshire Paperweights; Baccarat and Saint-Louis; Whitefriars; John Deacons and William Manson; Paul Ysart and Vasart; and Caithness Glass.

Perthshire Modern French Whitefriars Deacons / Manson Ysart / Vasart Caithness American
Perthshire PP219
Baccara flower paperweight
Modern French
Whitefriars Xmas 1979 paperweight
John Deacons paperweight
Deacons / Manson
Selkirk Glass paperweight
Ysart / Vasart / Selkirk
Caithness paperweight perfume bottle