updated 31 May 2016

Antique French Paperweights for sale

Most antique French paperweights were made between 1845 and 1860 by one of the three major factories : Baccarat, Clichy, and Saint-Louis. Other makers include St Mandé and Pantin.

We have over 50 antique French paperweights for sale. These are shown by maker on separate pages as follows:

Baccarat paperweights for sale

Clichy paperweights for sale

Saint-Louis and St Mandé paperweights for sale

Some examples

Baccarat B1848

Antique Baccarat B1848 paperweight (ref. 2239)
ref. 2239

Antique Baccarat

Large, 10 Gridels
Very good condition.

Antique Saint-Louis

Antique Saint-Louis mushroom (ref. 2143)
ref. 2143

Mushroom torsade; 3 1/8 inch / 81 mm diameter. Very good condition.


Clichy miniature paperweight (ref. 5594)
ref. 5594

Clichy mini millefiori.
1 3/4 inch; centre rose.
Very good condition.